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Backed by the Saudi Government, InFlavour Food and Beverage Expo brings a wealth of experience to the table with industry leaders sharing a wealth of knowledge, helping existing and new businesses to overcome industry challenges. With a diverse population, investment in the foodservice space and expected surge in tourism, the expansion of the food and beverage industry in Saudi Arabia is booming with opportunity.

 Seasoning tasty dishes at InFlavour Expo

InFlavour is a Tahaluf and Informa Markets brand. We bring together international and local F&B businesses such as: buyers, suppliers, importers, innovative tech, leading experts, start ups and investors in Saudi Arabia. Saudi is the most exciting market for F&B expansion thanks to its committed investment into new business, food technology, innovation and security.

InFlavour is the only Saudi F&B event backed by its government (The Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture), meaning it is the only event the industry needs to attend for legitimate connections and expansion into the region.

A taste explosion


InFlavour food and beverage expo is proud to be partnered with, and endorsed by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture. MEWA achieves environmental sustainability, natural resources and food security by supporting the agriculture movement in the Kingdom by providing various programs and financial support to farmers and food producers.


Inspired and energised by Vision 2023, Tahaluf is a strategic alliance between Informa PLC and the Saudi Arabian Federation for Cyber Security and Programming (SAFCSP). The teams behind LEAP and Blackhat Middle East, Tahaluf is devoted to putting the Saudi events industry onto the global map

Conference attendees in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


InFlavour aims to provide businesses with the opportunity to further expand into the Saudi Arabian market – one of the fastest growing upcoming markets in the sector. We invite food-related businesses of all sizes to join us for a culinary-packed, industry-experience like no other where our leaders and experts will be offering tips and tricks on overcoming industry challenges.



InFlavour is dedicated to bringing a world-class food and beverage event to the Saudi Arabian market. Backed by the Saudi Government, InFlavour encourages new and existing businesses to attend our 3-day, information-packed event with exceptional guest speakers, workshops and networking opportunities to educate and inspire your business for further expansion into the Saudi Arabian market.



InFlavour food and beverage expo is here to help your business overcome potential challenges in the market, networking opportunities and to help you and your teams to upskill. Speak to some of our guest speakers for advice on how to improve your business or discuss ideas with other industry leaders to enhance your overall business model and customer experience.