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Stay at the forefront of the latest fast-moving food technology developments and build relationships with potential partners and investors at the annual InFlavour Expo.

Food Technology at InFLavour Expo


Food science and technology are critical to the future of our species. Nope, we’re not being dramatic – without emerging technologies, we won’t be able to sustain food production at an adequate volume for the world’s population, or sufficiently reduce the carbon footprint of the food industry. With the new tastes, food handling solutions, and food ingredients that technology can offer: there’s no doubt the food tech experiences at InFlavour will change the world.

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Scientists testing in laboratory


Walking through warehouse using AI for inventory management


From reducing contamination in food production processes to predicting what consumers will want to eat next, the use cases for AI in the F&B industry are expanding all the time.

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Food manufacturing robot


Automation strategies, including AI-powered automation, are increasing time efficiency while driving down the cost of food production – and even improving food safety and quality control.

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Tractor for crop management in tunnel


We’re talking farming equipment at the cutting edge of agriculture – autonomous tractors; IoTs in smart agriculture; precision agriculture; and much more.

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Scientific study of growth of small green plant


Food science technology is responsible for a growing number of solutions to food supply issues and consumer health concerns – from alternative proteins to personalised nutrition.

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People farming using technology


Growing plants in an air environment with no substrate needed. Developing nutrient-fortified water that enables farming in highly populated areas. Discover advanced food technologies that could mitigate upcoming food shortages.

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Showcase your innovative food tech in front of top industry players.

Conversations at InFlavour Expo in networking areas

Attending InFlavour, the largest government-backed international food expo in Saudi Arabia, is a huge opportunity for attendees involved in the field of food technology. This sector encompasses the study and application of scientific knowledge to the creation, selection, storage, preparation, processing, packaging, distribution and consumption of food. It is a wide-ranging field that applies principles from chemistry, biology and engineering to research and develop new processes for producing safe foods. By participating in InFlavour, attendees can expect to see and learn from experts in food science and technology, demonstrating how to produce safe and nutritious foods at a large scale in a cost-effective manner.

Exhibitors and speakers show how emerging technologies relating to food supply also engender an increase in the variety and types of food products that can be produced. You will be inspired by how this work is helping areas of the world that may have limited resources or access only to certain ingredients due to their specific climate or geography. Additionally, discover how advanced food technology has helped reduce waste by increasing efficiency and reducing food spoilage over time.

Enhance your understanding of food technology and its practical applications. Come and learn how, for centuries, people have been utilising natural ingredients to make food more palatable or extend its shelf life. See how, over time, various advances have been made including canning, pasteurisation techniques and fermentation methods which were developed to help preserve perishable items. Gain firsthand knowledge about the latest advancements in food technology, with the introduction of new technologies such as genetically modified organisms (GMOs), nanotechnology and food irradiation for food production.

InFlavour showcases advancements in hydroponic and aeroponic systems, and farming equipment, that have led to cost improvements and variety in the supply of food ingredients. See Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in action, learning why they are making a major contribution to food innovation and science by helping to improve the safety, quality and stability of food products, both in food processing and for end users.

Food technology isn’t just shiny and exciting; it’s essential to ensure global food security in the future. But issues including sustainability, food safety, and consumer trust all act as barriers to entry for new tech.

At InFlavour, you will:

Sophisticated technology in laboratory
Monitoring trends by viewing graphs on tablet

Connect directly with the customers and workers who’ll use your technology so you can show them how it works, why it’s important, and why they can trust it

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Technology discussion between Expo attendees

Demonstrate the efficacy and food safety standards of your tech to regulatory agencies in attendance at InFlavour

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Handshake on a deal for purchasing technology

Build relationships with potential partners and investors in a positive, forward-thinking environment

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InFlavour Food Expo serves as a platform for industry leaders and innovators to showcase the advances in food science and technology and the tremendous impact they have had on society. Whilst permitting production of safe and nutritious foods at a large scale, these developments have reduced waste and improved access to healthy options for people all around the world. As research continues to progress in this field, even more improvements in the availability, quality and safety of food supply will be seen.

Expo attendees understand that, despite the many benefits provided by developments in food technology, this field is not without its challenges. Quality control and food safety continue to be major concerns as new technologies can sometimes introduce new, previously unidentified risks. There is also a need for more research into the potential impacts of nanotechnology on human health as well as environmental concerns associated with increased production efficiencies.

Look to the future at InFlavour, to see how even more advancements in food technology are expected as researchers explore new methods of enhancing nutrition while reducing spoilage and waste. Be inspired by the development of new packaging materials, improved food-processing methods and increased use of technology to improve food handling and safety. See the way ahead, as the field becomes more interdisciplinary due to research into the intersection between food technology and other fields such as biotechnology, computer science and artificial intelligence.

For people in the food industry, keeping informed with new advancements in food technology is essential. Food scientists and engineers need to stay abreast of the latest techniques, technologies, and regulations to ensure they are producing safe products which meet consumer needs. Additionally, businesses should be aware of potential ethical issues associated with advanced food technologies before utilising them in their processes. By keeping up to date with current research and trends in food technology at InFlavour International Food Expo, attendees can ensure that their products remain safe and maintain high food quality, at the same time staying compliant with regulations.

Join us at our extraordinary event and be prepared to witness how, with continued investments from industry stakeholders into research and development of food technology, the future food and beverage industry will adopt even more efficient methods for providing safe and nutritious foods.


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