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Cultivate the ground for collaboration and resilience in food production, manufacturing & distribution through innovative new solutions unveiled at InFlavour Expo.

Food Production at InFlavour Expo


Maybe you’re bringing an innovative food product to the market. Or perhaps you’re an expert in agricultural production and you want to be a part of the future of food – driving food security and sustainability as well as profitability and industry growth. If you’re producing food then InFlavour is for you.

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Coffee beans being examined by food producer


Agricultural production of tomatoes


Global food security challenges mean we need more advanced food products than ever before – to create high-volume plant and animal nutrition with a low environmental impact.

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Quality control in food manufacturing plant


Manufacturing food products today requires high quality raw materials and efficient production processing – with a keen eye for future resilience.

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Corn production line


The pressure is on. From changing the delivery options available to customers, to including the best whole foods products on your inventory – F&B businesses need to partner with top food products suppliers.

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Inspection of lettuces


It’s a critical goal of food production, as a shortage of agricultural land – along with global warming – creates new threats.

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sustainable food growth


Methods of food production are key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and enabling nutrition that meets human consumption needs and care for the planet.

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Put your food production enterprise at the forefront of the industry.

Expo attendees discussing food production


Attending the highly anticipated InFlavour Food Expo on October 29-31 in Riyadh this year, you can expect an exceptional experience that will enlighten, inspire, and connect you with the latest trends, innovations, and thought leaders in the field of food production.

Engage with attendees and exhibitors, ask questions, and witness firsthand how they are revolutionising the process of producing food products, both for commercial use and for consumption. Exchange ideas about traditional farming methods such as livestock breeding, crop cultivation, and fisheries management, as well as more advanced food technology techniques such as biotechnology. Discuss related activities such as food manufacturing, food processing and packaging, distribution and marketing of food ingredients and food products.

In the context of global food security, your presence at this expo becomes even more significant. Food production plays a vital role in providing a safe and reliable source of food for the global population. The food industry has become an important part of many countries' economies, with large food producers supplying both domestic markets and international buyers. Well managed food production operations can engender numerous benefits such as improved nutrition, increased job opportunities, greater economic stability and biodiversity protection.

Currently there are many challenges faced in the agricultural products industry such as agricultural land degradation, climate change and the spread of pests and diseases. Learn how producers are addressing these issues by increasingly making use of advanced technologies like precision agriculture and hydroponics to optimise yields.

InFlavour Food Expo showcases how climate change is having a major impact on food production, with rising temperatures and extreme weather events leading to reduced crop yields and increased water shortages. In response, food sustainability practices have become essential for optimising food production and improving quality control. At the expo you will discover sustainable methods like agroforestry that can help conserve soil fertility and reduce carbon emissions.

By attending InFlavour, stakeholders from food and beverage companies will gain invaluable insights into the various elements involved in food production, as well as the latest trends in food science and technology. Armed with this knowledge, you will be better equipped to manage your operations and take steps to ensure you produce safe and nutritious products for consumers. Furthermore, you will join a community of industry professionals dedicated to creating a more secure food supply that is resilient to climate change while also being sustainable.

It’s fair to say that food processing industries are up against it right now; with extreme weather events and temperature changes affecting crop production, and consumer demands constantly changing within an ever-more complex global food system.

At InFlavour, you will:

Tractor in field farming agricultural food
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Meet with stakeholders and potential partners to cultivate the ground for collaboration and resilience

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Saudi Arabian speaker at InFlavour Expo on research and development

Discover exactly where you should put your research & development budget to help you stay at the centre of global growth

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Fruit on conveyer belt being examined for sorting and quality control

Demonstrate how you’re adopting sustainability and food safety practices that set you apart from competitors

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The future of food production is closely linked to the development of advanced food technologies. Automation and robotics are expected to play a growing role in food production, as well as breakthroughs such as gene editing and lab-grown meat for alternative proteins. InFlavour Food Expo will provide a platform for you to explore these emerging technologies, network with experts, and stay ahead of the curve in finding solutions for meeting the increasing global demand for food.

Join us at InFlavour to witness firsthand the exciting developments in food production and see why it will remain an important sector that is constantly evolving its methods and technologies to meet the needs of the global population. Learn how, from sustainable practices to emerging technologies, the industry is taking steps towards finding better solutions for ensuring food security and a healthier future. By investing in research and developments in food science and technology, food producers are fulfilling their commitment to providing safe and nutritious products that benefit everyone.

Secure your place at InFlavour Food Expo today and unlock a world of possibilities for your food production operations.


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